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Hockey's roots run deep for BSC bench boss

Some people might say that Nick Carriere has hockey in his blood.

Men’s ice hockey head coach Carriere was born in Brampton, Ontario, and moved to Mississauga shortly after, where he lived for the first three years of his life.

After this, his family moved to downtown Montreal until he was seven, before moving north of Montreal. Carriere had a very athletic youth; in Montreal, he was largely involved in skiing and snowboarding in the winter. He also played baseball during the summer.

“I was really focused on hockey,” he said.

He played hockey on a regular basis throughout his youth. His father Larry – a former NHLer who spent parts of seven seasons playing in the NHL, including 207 games for the Buffalo Sabres – never pressured him into playing hockey.

“I had plenty of opportunities,” he said. “We had a rink in the backyard, and I played on other outdoor rinks in Canada.”

Carriere said there was a point between the ages of 11 and 13 when he quit skiing, and started snowboarding. Success in snowboarding led him to allow hockey to go to the side for a while, but he said it was always there.

When he was 14 or 15, Carriere and his family moved to Buffalo. Since Buffalo has very few hills for skiing, Carriere began focusing more on snowboarding and hockey.

“Hockey is something that’s a big part of me,” Carriere said.

Carriere played junior hockey in Canada while attending high school in Buffalo, and went on to attend Niagara University, graduating in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

After playing one year of professional hockey, he had various opportunities to play overseas in Germany. However, as an in-your-face grinder type of player, Carriere said he wasn’t the type who scored a lot of goals and therefore, the money wasn’t great.

Carriere then received an offer for the assistant coach position at SUNY Fredonia. Just days after interviewing, he locked up the position, and ended up coaching a team that included three players who were older than he was.

In 2005, Carriere was hired at Buffalo State. He was named SUNYAC Coach of the Year that inaugural season, and has mentored nine All-SUNYAC players since.

Carriere still plays hockey once in a while, though most of his time nowadays is focused on the Buffalo State team. During the season, there are practices and games, while the offseason involves more focus on recruiting and the fitness of returning players.

Occasionally, he plays among other Buffalo State staff when they rent out the ice rink at the Sports Arena.

According to the Buffalo State athletics website, Carriere has more than 10 years of experience teaching at various hockey schools. He has worked for the Can/Am Hockey Schools, the European Development Camp and the Buffalo Sabres Hockey School. Carriere also served as an assistant coach for the Western Team in the 2007 Empire State Games, where the team won a gold medal. He also acted as assistant coach in the 2003 Eastern College Division Senior All-Star Game.

When he’s not coaching, Carriere enjoys being active, such as playing racquetball.

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My article from this week's issue.
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Associate Sports Editor

Men's Hockey

Although the Bengals men’s ice hockey team ended its season on a low note, the team is moving forward.

Buffalo State ended the season in last place in the SUNYAC standings with an overall record of 6-18-1. In 25 games, the team allowed 109 goals and scored just 71. In addition, Buffalo State was 2-14-0 against SUNYAC opponents this season, recording just four points in conference play.

SUNY Oswego claimed first place in SUNYAC standings this year, with a 15-1-0 SUNYAC record, a .938 win percentage, and 30 points on the season.

Despite the less-than-perfect season, the team is focused on the positive aspects of its game.

“We’ve been good at showing resilience and sticking with it through a lot of adversity,” said head coach Nick Carriere.

Carriere also previously commented on how the team has done little things well, including shooting on goal more often.

Junior Nick Petriello led the team with 15 goals, 13 assists and 28 points this season in 25 games. Senior D’Arcy Thomas was second on the team in scoring, with nine goals and 12 assists.

Eight seniors are now finished with their collegiate hockey careers, as Connor King, Tyler Soehner, Shareef Labreche, Mike Luzarraga, Daniel Carey, Ryan Ramage, Johnathan Sourwine and Thomas played their final game for Buffalo State on Friday.

This leaves just 20 returning players on the roster, meaning this year’s recruiting class will have to fill in those spots.

The Bengals lost the last game of the season to the Morrisville Mustangs, losing 4-2. Morrisville scored an empty net goal with seven seconds remaining to secure the win. Thomas and Nick scored the only goals for the Bengals, and Sourwine made 25 saves in the loss.

Three of Morrisville’s goals came on the power play, as the Bengals took 12 penalties throughout the game. Buffalo State ends the season with a .177 power play percentage. The team was able to take advantage of 23 out of a possible 130 opportunities.

The Bengals end the season on an eight-game losing streak that dates back to Jan. 22, when SUNY Oswego beat Buffalo State by a score of 10-1. The Bengals’ last win came during a road trip to Providence, Rhode Island on Jan. 16 with a 7-4 win over Johnson & Wales.

Throughout the season, the Bengals never had a winning streak longer than two games. The season also saw a five-game losing streak from Nov. 6 to Nov. 21.

“The season was a disappointment to myself and many of the guys on the team,” said goaltender Alan Fritch. “I knew heading into the year that we were going to have to battle to make the most of what we had, but did not think it was going to end up unraveling like it did. After having a few teammates quit, then the NCAA sanction, it made it tough to stay the course, and although we never gave up, it definitely made it tough.”

Now, the team has a few months off before the players get back to work for next season. New recruits interested in playing for Buffalo State can fill out a form on the Buffalo State Athletics website.

Fritch said he plans to spend the next seven months preparing for his last season as a Bengal, and Carriere said the team plans to focus on getting bigger and stronger over the off-season.

“We’re going to evaluate guys on what they’ve done in the time frame and in different circumstances,” Carriere said.

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